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Adorabbit, known in Japanese as Usarinpa (ウサリンパ), is a mascot character that appears in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and is mentioned in the Lemniscate YouTube series.

Adorabbit is a blue rabbit mascot, erroneously described as "adorable." It is Iris Sagan's and Mizuki Okiura's favorite mascot.


Iris Sagan has described Adorabbit's backstory as having come from the future, which she describes as being "rough," most likely due to the mascot's appearance. It's unclear as to what series or merchandise lineup Adorabbit originates from.

Originally this was only Mizuki Okiura's favorite mascot. Once she met and befriended Iris, Mizuki introduced her to Adorabbit, which quickly became her favorite mascot as well. Eventually, Iris featured the mascot in one of her videos, titled "Tesa's Top 3 Favorite Snacks and Mascots!", where she lists Adorabbit as her absolute favorite mascot, ahead of Monokuma (from Danganronpa) and Tama (from 428: Shibuya Scramble).


The mascot is a blue, bipedal rabbit with many strange features. It has three yellow eyes, two at normal positions and a third at its forehead. There appears to be 5-pointed-star patterns on the tip of his ears. Multiple bandages cover his torso and the top half of his head, presumably from some injury. The edges of its arms and legs, as well as the base of his ears, seem to be covered in a pink-ish substance that resembles blood.


  • The Adorabbit may be a reference to the Zero Escape series:
    • In Japanese, the doll is named Usarinpa. The name is a reference to the Funyarinpa, a super-powerful omnipresent being, praised by millions, that exists within the universe of Zero Escape, a game series created by Kotaro Uchikoshi, the main writer and director of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES. The reference is reinforced by a tweet from Uchikoshi himself, in regards to whether the great and all powerful being would make an appearance in AI.
    • When Iris Sagan introduced Adorabbit, she mentioned that:
Virtue's Last Reward spoilers here!
  • the doll is a rabbit that came from a rough future. This could be in reference to the character Lagomorph, A.K.A. Zero the III, an artificial rabbit created in a post-apocalyptic future.
  • Aside from the Zero Escape references, the pink blood covering Adorabbit may be a reference to the Danganronpa series, where blood is visually portrayed as saturated pink as a stylistic choice. This may connect to how Adorabbit is considered one of A-set's favorite mascots alongside Monokuma, the mascot of Danganronpa.
  • The third eye in Adorabbit's forehead is a popular motif amongst pop culture to describe the "third-eye" ability to develop pseudoscientific powers, as well as acting as symbolic representations of the "all-seeing eye" in the urban legend of the secret organization known as the Illuminati. The Illuminati share various similarities to Secret Society NAIXATLOZ.