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Pewter: "Everything the Boss did, she did for you. You should ask her about it."
Date: "..."
Pewter: "She truly cares about you, you know. That’s why she kept silent about what happened six years ago."
Pewter speaking to Date about Boss

Boss (ボス, Bosu) is a main character featured in AI: The Somnium Files and the Lemniscate YouTube series.

As her name implies, she is the commander of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Advanced Brain Investigation Squad (ABIS). Boss is Kaname Date’s direct superior and long-time friend. She appears to be an easygoing optimist with a carefree attitude, but she is as cunning as a fox with a quick wit.


Boss has messy dark-brown hair that she ties back in a ponytail. She has thick brown eyebrows and brown eyes. She seems to usually wear minimal make-up, though she is known on occasion to wear red lipstick. Boss wears a red leather jacket over a dark grey and black hooded dress. She leaves the zipper for her dress undone most of the way, and her jacket open, a nod to the informal atmosphere she tries hard to maintain. Boss wears black gloves and black crew socks under red leather boots. Her resting face is largely neutral, but her narrowed eyes and pouted lips give the impression of an inquisitive person.


Boss is impulsive, confident, and level-headed. This makes her great at interrogations because she never fails to ask the hard questions. She takes her work seriously, but tries her best to construct a relaxed work environment, as is evidenced by the way she decorates her office, and her treatment of her colleagues. Boss is not above joking around, often making Pewter or Kaname Date the butt of her jokes. This often takes the form of playful teasing, or sexual innuendo. She is rebellious, not hesitating to go behind HQ's back when it is required. Boss is fiercely independent, but also fiercely loyal and protective. She will do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe and healthy, even resorting to illegal means, such as blackmail, in dire circumstances.


Shizue Kuranushi (暮主 静枝, Kuranushi Shizue), nicknamed Boss (ボス, Bosu), is a character featured in AI: The Somnium Files and the Lemniscate YouTube series.

As her name implies, she is the commander of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Advanced Brain Investigation Squad (ABIS). Boss is Kaname Date’s direct superior and long-time friend. She appears to be an easygoing optimist with a carefree attitude, but she is as cunning as a fox with a quick wit.

Early Life and Police[]


Cyclops Serial Killings[]


Advanced Brain Investigation Squad[]

Boss is the commander of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Advanced Brain Investigation Squad (ABIS). The majority of the appearances she has take place in her office there.

Murder of Shoko Nadami[]

Boss is one of the first characters introduced to the player in the game, as she appears in the first scene at Bloom Park at the scene of the murder of Shoko Nadami. Her dialogue is mostly brief, with the quick mention of the Original Cyclops Serial Killings, which she ignores Kaname Date's questions about. She is shown holding an umbrella to keep herself clear of the rain.

A: New Cyclops Serial Killings[]


B: Disappearance of Renju Okiura[]



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  • The kanji in Boss's family name can be read differently: 暮 (kura) can also be read as “bo” and 主 (nushi) can be read as “su”, making her name "Bosu," a pun on her nickname.
  • The first kanji in Boss's given name, 静 (shizu), means “quiet”, hence Mizuki thinking the name does not fit her.
  • In Day 5: Tuesday –ihAI–, after "Boss" is revealed to be Saito Sejima, the catchlight in Boss's eyes disappears. This animation is used in other routes of the game, including:
    • Day 3: Sunday –rihAI–, when Date denies dreaming about kissing pornstars. Boss responds with "You sure about that?" using "Saito's" expression.
    • Day 5: Tuesday –syokuzAI–, when Aiba is about to present new evidence in the New Cyclops Serial Killings. Allegra Clark, the voice actress for Boss, revealed that Saito is in the body of Boss during this scene.[1]
  • In a fan-made Character Poll for AI: The Somnium Files held on Twitter, Boss came in 4th place.[2]
  • In the Famitsu Interview, Kotaro Uchikoshi and Akira Okada stated that the design for the 4th victim of the Original Cyclops Serial Killings was actually Boss's original design. Once her design was changed, they reused the original design for the victim as she appears in PSYNCIN' IN THE VaiN.[3]


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