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The "Great King of Terror," also known as the "Great King from the Sky" but generally known by fans as Beer-Ad Girl, is a character featured in the universe of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

The Beer-Ad Girl is the pin-up model for an unknown beer company since at least 2004[2], and is explicitly mentioned to be the older sister of Hanayo Nasu.[3]

According to series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, the Beer-Ad Girl is actually the Great King of Terror, a being prophesied by the astrologer Nostradamus, who was told in legend would descend upon the Earth in 1999 and bring back the Great King of Angolmois, causing the end of the world. However, the Great King crashed-landed on the Earth, losing her memories of her prophesied mission and living among the humans.[1] She was presumably taken in by the Nasu family, became Hanayo's older sister, and later pursued a life as a pin-up model.


  • The Great King of Terror's backstory as its namesake was described exclusively by series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi as a joke answer to a question on Twitter.[1] The only information given about her character within the actual media in the AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES series is that she's a pin-up model for a beer ad, she's the sister to Hanayo Nasu[3], and her posters have been hanging in the Matsushita Diner since 2004.[2]
World's End Club spoilers here!
  • The story of the Great King of Terror and the Great King Angolmois was referenced in 2020's World's End Club, a game created by Kotaro Uchikoshi just after AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and initially releasing a year after. The female character Yuki bears striking similarities in terms of story beats to the Great King and her expanded backstory. In this game, Yuki descended from the skies, seemingly struck with amnesia, and she is taken in by the main cast of characters, the Go-Getters Club, who compare her sudden appearance to the prophecies about the Great King Angolmois. It is revealed in the end that Yuki is a rogue personality belonging to the A.I. antagonist of the game, MAIK, and that she orchestrated her own descent and pretended to have amnesia in order to befriend the Go-Getters. While not explicit, the story of the Great King Angolmois could serve as a metaphor for MAIK, with Yuki acting as its Great King of Terror, but failing in her mission to make it ascend. Some fans have proposed some fan theories that Yuki and the Great King of Terror from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES could be the same character, although no connection has been established between the two games outside of sharing a creator.
  • The Great King's earliest sighting in media has been in a flashback to the Matsushita Diner from 2004[2], 15 years prior to the events of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES. With an assumed age limit of 18 years to work as a bikini model, and with a +15-year range for her poster to be displayed in the Diner, it can be estimated that the Great King of Terror is at least in her 30s during the events of AI, the lowest possible age being 33 years old. With Hanayo Nasu at 24 years old, this gives the two Nasu sisters a range of +9 years for their age difference.


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