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"[T]he characters I created are basically copies of myself from this game. Even the culprit. The culprit’s ideas, how they thought to go make these murder mysteries. And games are a great platform to show who I am inside. If I didn’t have any games to show it, then maybe I would have been a criminal too and go out and kill people. But luckily, since I have games, I am able to support myself and pay off the loans on my house."
Uchikoshi, on an Operation Rainfall interview

Kotaro Uchikoshi (打越 鋼太郎, Uchikoshi Kōtarō) is the creator of the AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES universe and all media related to it, as well as a character featured in A-set's online Lemniscate series.

He is a Japanese video game developer, as well as an idol producer, at Spike Chunsoft. Together with Renju Okiura from Lemniscate, he's the producer for the internet idol A-set.

In real life, he is a Japanese video game/anime director and writer at Too Kyo Games, and a collaborator at Spike Chunsoft, where he formerly worked at until mid-2018. He is the director and writer of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES. Alongside Spike Chunsoft, Uchikoshi is also the producer of the Virtual Idol A-set and her video series, and writes the concepts for its videos. Uchikoshi returned as the writer for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative, but left his directorial position to Akira Okada.

In the AI Universe[]

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Kotaro Uchikoshi works as a game director and writer at Spike Chunsoft, creating such notable works as the Zero Escape series. At some time in the past, Uchikoshi befriended Renju Okiura, the owner of the Sunfish Pocket maid café and eventually the founder of the Lemniscate talent agency.

One day, Okiura introduced his new up-and-coming idol, Iris Sagan, to Uchikoshi, who was so impressed with her talent that he decided to produce for her with the help of Spike Chunsoft. Soon after, he introduced the renamed idol A-set to the world via the online Lemniscate channel, kickstarting her career as a Net Idol.[1]

Several weeks into A-set's career, Uchikoshi was approached by GameSpot to do an interview with both him and A-set. There, they both talked about their history and their work together on A-set's idol career.

Six weeks into A-set's series, Iris Sagan went missing, and a mysterious video was posted on her channel. This caused concern for Uchikoshi, who couldn't get in contact with Iris and showed concern on social media[2]. This sudden set of events seemed to give him the impression that "they" have started making some move towards A-set[3].

In Real Life[]

Uchikoshi is best known for creating various video games and anime series, such as the Infinity visual novel series (Never7, Ever17, and Remember11), the Zero Escape video game series, and the Punch Line anime and video game entries. He is currently working as co-director on Too Kyo Games' first title, Death March Club.

In the initial announcement video released on the Lemniscate channel, Uchikoshi introduced A-set and directly interacted with her.


Kotaro Uchikoshi has worked in a variety of roles during his career, and has done work on various different video game and anime series.

Year Title Role Notes
Director Scenario writer Planner
1999 Pepsiman 3D modeller
Memories Off Yes Yes
2000 Never 7: The End of Infinity Yes Yes
Memories Off Pure Yes
Memories Off 2nd Yes Yes
2001 Close To ~Inori no Oka~* Yes
2002 Ever 17: The Out of Infinity Yes Yes
2003 Unknown Yes Scenario writer for an erotic visual novel. The identity of this game is unknown.
2004 Remember 11: The Age of Infinity Yes Yes Credited as Hagane Tsukishio
2006 Eve: New Generation Yes Yes
Kamaitachi no Yoru Niwango-ban* Yes Mail game reimagining of Kamaitachi no Yoru distributed by the company Niwango
2008 12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral Yes Yes
2009 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Yes Yes Yes
2012 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Yes Yes Yes
2013 Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram Yes "Three Contrapasso About The Abduction" scenario
2015 Punch Line Yes Anime
Punch Line Max Yes Manga
2016 Punch Line Yes Visual novel based on the anime of the same name
Zero Time Dilemma Yes Yes
2017 The Pop Star's Room of Doom Yes Escape room
2018 The Girl in Twilight Anime; original concept
2020 World's End Club Yes Yes 3rd project at Too Kyo Games
2022 AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative Yes
TBA TRIBE NINE 6th project at Too Kyo Games; unknown position
"Project #1" [TBA] Yes Unnamed 1st project at Too Kyo Games

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