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Ota's Valentine Poem is a poem written by Ota Matsushita featured in the Lemniscate video series.

Ota wrote this poem for Iris Sagan, in anticipation for Valentine's Day. It was featured on the video Tesa Visits Maid Cafe Sunfish Pocket!, as well as on Ota's Twitter account in three parts (part 1, 2, and 3)



The Poem

These are the contents of the poem written by Ota:

Happy Valentine's Day!
I would like show you my gratitude that
I am able to be under the same sky,
breathe the same air,
and was born in the same era as you.
To me, you are a dream,
peace of mind,
the purpose of life,
the light,
the stars,
the sun,
a goddess,
air itself,
the laws of the universe,
the ideal ultimate beauty,
an angel,
a princess,
a lover,
a sister that isn't blood related,
a cute girl printed on a body pillow,
a beautiful heroine in another world,
a saint,
a waifu,
a lord, my life, the object of my worship,
everything good in this world!
And I'll make this vow to you: I'll always support you, Tesa!