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PSYNCIN' IN THE CURTaiN is a dreamworld featured in AI: The Somnium Files, based on the Sagan Residence.

It is a Somnium world created from Inmate #89's dream by the Psync System. Kaname Date and Pewter investigated his Somnium in order to learn the truth of the original Cyclops Serial Killer, as well as the identity of the New Cyclops Killer.


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Mental Locks[]


Mental Lock #1 - Prevent the interference from ???![]

Mental Lock 1 CURTaiN.jpg


Mental Lock #2 - Prevent the disturbance from ???![]

Mental Lock 2 CURTaiN.jpg


Mental Lock #3 - Prevent the view from ???![]

Mental Lock 3 CURTaiN.jpg


Mental Lock #4 - Prevent the invasion from ???![]

Mental Lock 4 CURTaiN.jpg


Objects of Interest[]

PSYNCIN' IN THE CURTaiN is a unique Somnium that follows an extra set of conditions to beat. Mental Locks are cleared at 4 different checkpoints, where an assortment of choices are provided when the conditions are met, and the correct choice unlocks each Mental Lock. These conditions are a number of interactions with Green Objects in the level, usually resulting in the ruination of the object or its green texture.

For simplicity, the required interactions will be measured as Green Points, and enough Points will give access to the checkpoints for unlocking Mental Locks. A total of 11 Green Points are required to beat the Somnium, and the level begins with 1 Point, due to the actions on the Green Door at the beginning of the level. A total of 14 Points can be obtained throughout the level, with only 1 of these points capable of being locked out by other choices, meaning that, as long as there is enough time, the player is capable of obtaining the necessary 11 Points to beat the level.

Green Objects[]

Green Door (automatically activated at the start of the Somnium) – The back door to the Sagan living room, potentially leading into a room in the back. At the very beginning of the Somnium, Aiba's leg knocks into the door, closing it instantly. This action adds 1 Green Point from the start.

Object Description
Availability Action Cost TIMIE Effect
Switch A light switch by the entrance. It is covered in thorns.
All Locks Remove Thorns 18s ?
Attempting to remove the thorns from the switch will have Aiba prick her fingers on the thorns. Date realizes that they would have to investigate without removing them, but Aiba worries about her fingers.
Flip Switch 12s ?
Aiba, remembering the events of SINKIN' IN THE BRaiN, recounts that before they had to bypass the thorns in a different manner, but Date tells her that "that was then, this is now." When she wonders if she'll feel pain, Date simply has her push forward anyways. As Aiba attempts to flip it, the thorns retracts into the wall, and Aiba is able to flip it without any worries. Through that, the lights on the lamp turn on.
This action adds 1 Green Point, and unlocks usage of the Floor Lamp in Mental Lock #3.
Winter Iris An iris that rests on a stool by the picture frame. Aiba tells Date that it's a winter iris, which ticks him off after hearing about it before.
All Locks Pick 30s
Attempting to pick a part of the plant, Aiba struggles to pull it out. Date encourages to keep trying, which distracts her. Eventually she manages to pull it out, but the piece disappears in her hand. Date wonders if the "green stuff" reacted to her actions.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Smell 18s
Aiba smells the iris, and states that it smells like a typical winter iris. Date asks what that means, which she replies with "elegant and gentle," and when he asks for something more specific, she reminds him that she has no sense of smell and had to look for a description for an answer (but couldn't find one).
Picture A framed crude drawing of three people in a home, with ovals on their head and stains everywhere. Iris drew this as a child, as a representation of the Okonomiyaki War. The picture lost its color, retaining a green hue.
All Locks Fill Out 24s
Aiba, not having a pen to use, decides to use her own blood to fill out the picture. Once the picture had been filled out, color returns to the image. Date wonders about the "blood" Aiba used, but she explains it's not the same as human blood and that they are in a dream. Date asks that she used a different word, such as "body fluids," but Aiba is not comfortable with it.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Remove 24s
Attempting to pull off the picture will yield no results. Aiba notes that the picture frame appears to be integrated into the wall. Date compares it to how he and Aiba are both connected, to which Aiba denies. He then compares it to how he and Reika from Tiefblau are both connected, which Aiba denies as well.
Liquid A strange green liquid pooling on the floor. It is positioned just below an open wine bottle that rests on the table, the opening facing the floor.
Locks #2 onward Lick 24s ?
Attempting to lick it will have Aiba reach down with her finger to get a taste, with Date asking her not to make a mess. After tasting it, Aiba realizes that it's wine, and takes a few more sips just to make sure. Date stops her before going too far.
Smell 18s ?
Attempting to smell it will have Aiba note that it smells like something at his house. Date asks how she would know about smell in the real world, and she explains that she can examine the particles in the air in order to determine a smell. In any case, Date denies having any strange green liquid at home.
Jump In 12s
Date yells at Aiba to jump into the liquid, and as she attempts to jump in, she simply just lands on the surface. Date apologizes for having her step on the liquid.
Stick Hand In 26s ?
Attempting to stick Aiba's hand in the liquid will have her note that the liquid is surprisingly deep. As she searches around inside the liquid, she manages to pull out a cork, and from that, the liquid pools into a hole in the ground.

If Lick was chosen prior:

Aiba complains that her wine had disappeared. Date notes that it looked like sludge, to which Aiba states her wine tastes like sludge, admitting to his statement.

If Lick hadn't been chosen:

Aiba wonders what the substance was, suggesting it was green tea or jelly. Date shoots both suggestions down.
This actions adds 1 Green Point.
Ceiling Fan A ceiling fan on the roof. Date asks if it's similar to a giant desk fan, and Aiba compares the two, explaining how a desk lamp moves the air around it, while a ceiling fan circulates the entire room.
Locks #2 onward Throw Something 12s
Attempting to throw something will have Aiba pick up a nearby wine bottle at it. The bottle bounces off, nearly hitting Aiba in the head and landing on the floor. Aiba tells Date to be more careful, to which he apologizes.
Headbutt 12s
Attempting to headbutt the ceiling fan will have Aiba jump straight at the fan, colliding with it. Aiba falls to the ground in pain.
Blow On 18s
Attempting to blow on the ceiling fan will make the fan spin backwards in place.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Hold On 42s
Attempting to hold on to the fan will have Aiba hang off the fan as it starts spinning around. Aiba continues hanging on the fan for a while before letting go.
Book [#1] A book lying on the floor by the ceiling fan. It recounts part of Falco's story.
Locks #2 onward Read 6s ?
From the book, Aiba reads the sentence "F does not have parents or siblings. He was raised in an orphanage." Date wonders if the F stands for Falco.
Tear 6s ?
Attempting to rip the book open will have have it easily split in two, which she drops. Aiba wonders if this will help uncover Inmate #89's secrets, which Date responds that they may be getting closer.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Book [#2] A book lying on top of the speaker by the back of the room. It recounts part of Falco's story.
Locks #3 onward Read 6s ?
From the book, Aiba reads the sentence "F stands against evildoers and brings them harsh justice." Date compares him to Judge Dredd, and when Aiba asks if that's a good thing or a bad thing, he simply states "Yes."
Tear 12s ?
Attempting to rip the book open will have have it easily split in two, which she drops. Date notes that the action didn't change anything around them.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Book [#3] A book resting on the low table by the couches. It recounts part of Falco's story.
Locks #3 onward Read 6s ?
From the book, Aiba reads the sentence "F became an assassin for the Kumakuras. Rohan himself bestowed F a codename. That name is Falco." Date thinks about the nickname.
Tear 18s ?
Attempting to rip the book open will have have it easily split in two, which she drops. Aiba wonders what the books symbolize, and Date proposes the theory that Inmate #89 may have been a librarian, which Aiba believes is ridiculous.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Book [#4] A book resting on the bookshelf. It recounts part of Falco's story.
Lock #4 Only Read 6s ?
From the book, Aiba reads the sentence "The smile and kind words of a woman nurtured Falco's withered heart back to health." Aiba compares Falco to Date, but he rebukes by saying that after the "nourishment," he would check his wallet and notice how much he spent. Aiba realizes that he's talking about Reika, the cabaret girl, and Date asks her to not remind him.
Tear 24s ?
Attempting to rip the book open will have have it easily split in two, which she drops. Aiba wonders what this would accomplish, and Date states that this would drive Inmate #89 into a corner. He recalls the time that Mizuki found one of his pornographic magazines and tore it in half, and Aiba states that the two situations are different.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Book [#5] A book resting on top of the drawer. It recounts part of Falco's story.
Lock #4 Only Read 6s ?
From the book, Aiba reads the sentence "Falco was in a bind, and turned to a trusted friend..." Aiba notes that the rest of the book is marked off, and Date complains that he wants to see what else comes after.
Tear 30s ?
Attempting to rip the book open will have have it easily split in two, which she drops. Date notes that the green book seems familiar, but Aiba suggests it has no relation.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Floor Lamp A floor lamp shaped like a flower standing by the bookcase. The light switch turned it on.
Locks #3 onward
(After choosing Flip Switch on Switch)
Grab 12s
Attempting to grab the lamp will have Aiba reach in and grab on to the lamp. Doing so makes the lamp's glass break, collapsing on the floor. Date notes that it looks okay even with its flower design ruined.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Kick 6s
Attempting to kick it will have the lamp move back and forth from the impact. Date states that she should come up with more intelligent solutions, but she retorts that these instructions were his.
Lift Up 24s
Attempting to lift it up will yield no result, as she notes that it is too hard an heavy to pick up. Date asks her which is harder, the lamp or what he has in his pants, and Aiba suggests they test both with a hammer. Date withdraws his previous statement.
Turn Off 18s
Attempting to turn it off will have Aiba search for an off switch on it, but she notes that she can't seem to find it, or any power supply for that matter. Date tells her to look harder, questioning her motivation. Aiba checks at lightning fast speeds, and concludes that she cannot, in fact, find a switch.
Pot A cooking pot laying on the kitchen stove. A green substance is inside the pot, as steam rises. The two of them wonder if its contents are perhaps green curry, soybean stew, or boiled green juice like a slime. At the last suggestion, Aiba states that a ninja turtle could leap out of the pot.
Locks #3 onward Drink 60s ?
Aiba wonders what the substance could be, to which Date suggests she can find out by drinking it. While Aiba wants to know what the substance is before drinking it, Date simply suggests its gak. Aiba decides to have a sip, but ends up drinking the entire pot, collapsing on the floor as Date calls out her name. Once Aiba wakes up, a wide smile on her face, Date asks what kind of soup it was, to which she responds with "Elephant."
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Smell 18s ?
Attempting to smell it will have Aiba jump back in recoil, stating that it smells like a gutter. Date asks her to smell it again, stating that she doesn't actually have the ability to smell, and she's only thinking the smell itself. When Aiba realizes this, she leans in once more, but recoils back at the stench, while Date laughs at her.
Wear 30s
Aiba is confused at the request to "wear" the pot, but at Date's insistence, she puts it on. Once on, she states that she actually feels fine, like her defenses has risen. Date states that he's worried over her, but she insists that her head is now protected.
This action will prevent access to the Green Point obtainable from the Pot, but in doing so, Aiba will wear the Pot on her head for the rest of the Somnium.
Heat 12s ?
Attempting to heat up the pot will have Aiba realize that the stove seems to be broken. Date tells her to call the manufacturer using the phone across the room, but Aiba asks if the company makes dream house calls.
Skull A stationary skull laying on the couch, with its left eye bleeding. The body seems to be missing.
Lock #4 Only Throw 12s ?
Aiba states that throwing the skull would be disrespectful to the dead, to which Date states its simply just a hunk of calcium. With an apology, Aiba throws the skull to the wall, breaking upon impact, and restoring its color. They wonder whose skull it was, and its connection to Inmate #89.
This action adds 1 Green Point.
Kiss 18s ?
Aiba wonders if she's malfunctioning, believing that she heard Date's command wrong. Date repeats the command, stating that she "give it a little kissy," to which Aiba complains about Date's bone fetish. Once Aiba kisses the skull, she notes that there is no reaction from the object, but Date states that he found it exciting.
Talk 30s ?
Attempting to talk to the skull will have Aiba strike up a conversation about the skull's status without a body, making jokes about how it was already skinny anyways. She eventually gets pissed off at the skull, complaining that all this talking without any responses is making her seem like a crazy person. She enacts her comeuppance as she continuously pokes the skull in the eye, to which Date notes that THIS is the peak of artificial intelligence in the world. Aiba states that she wants to "unleash a furious punch" on an inanimate object.
Check 18s ?
Checking the skull will have Aiba note its similarities to the skull that appeared in Date's Somnium, which Date notes used to have a full skeleton. Aiba points out the blood pouring from the left eye socket, and the two wonder what this could mean. Aiba suggests that it could be Date's head, and that they should break it to see what's inside.
Hitomi Hitomi Sagan, standing in front of the green barrier. She remains unmoving.
Lock #4 Only Hug Her 6s
Attempting to hug Hitomi will have Aiba embrace her. She notes that Hitomi's body is hard, and Date responds that he is hard, too.
Kiss Her 18s
Attempting to kiss Hitomi will have a rather nervous Aiba, after some coercion from Date, kiss her on the lips. Date declares that, since Aiba acts as an extension of himself in dream worlds, she is like an alter ego that manifests in Somnia, meaning that he just kissed Hitomi. Aiba shoots him down, but he states that the action made his heart rate rise, and "another part of me too..." Aiba asks that he refrain from letting other body parts rise from excitement.
Talk to Her 12s
Attempting to talk to Hitomi will yield no results, as Aiba continuously calls to her with no response. Date states that she should try responding to her in a "fawning" way, but she refuses.
Touch Her 24s
Aiba asks Date where she should touch Hitomi, and as Date thinks, he continues to stare towards her breasts.... until Aiba suggests her stomach. She presses her hand against her stomach, and notes that her body is "very hard" due to her stationary condition. Date asks her to repeat what she said, which at first she understood to be referring to her "stationary" condition, but eventually she responds with "She's hard?" Date declares that this information is important and that they should keep it in mind from now on..... And after a few seconds, Date states he forgot her condition, attempting to have Aiba state it again. Aiba threatens to crush him with a vise, and he stops making jokes.

Mental Lock Choices[]

These are the choices that are triggered at each Mental Lock checkpoint. Making these choices are mandatory when the checkpoint is reached, meaning other objects to interact with are unavailable.

Object Description
Availability Action Cost TIMIE Effect
Phone [1st] The phone at the corner of the room. At the end of Mental Lock #1, a phone call is received by a mysterious caller.
2 Green Points Hang Up 12s ?
Attempting to hang up the phone will have Aiba black out and faint on the floor. As she wakes up, the phone continues ringing.
Ignore 30s ?
Attempting to ignore the phone will have the phone continue ringing. As Aiba wonders how long it would continue, the phone stops ringing, which causes the green barrier to fall back.
This action unlocks Mental Lock #1.
Phone [2nd] The phone at the corner of the room. At the end of Mental Lock #2, another phone call is received on the phone by the same mysterious caller.
4 Green Points Hang Up 12s ?
Attempting to hang up the phone will have Aiba black out and faint on the floor. As she wakes up, the phone continues ringing.
Ignore 60s ?
Attempting to ignore the phone will have the phone continue ringing. Aiba continues staring at the phone, and after a long time, the phone stops ringing. Aiba asks if Date is curious about the caller, but he's worried that the caller may threaten him for money. Aiba chastises him, stating that he's a police officer and should have some backbone. The green barrier falls back, and the two note that at least they didn't do anything wrong, or that Aiba fainted.
This action unlocks Mental Lock #2.
Pick Up 18s ?
Attempting to pick up the phone will have Aiba try to talk at the caller, but she blacks out and faints on the floor. As she wakes up, the phone continues ringing.
Red Eye A giant red eye that peeks from the curtains of the room. Loud stomps resound throughout as the figure approaches the window.
7 Green Points Poke Eye 12s ?
Attempting to poke the eye will have Aiba punch it, giving it all she had. However, she only punches the glass window in front of the eye. Aiba notes that now she knows what birds feel like.
Ignore 90s ?
Attempting to ignore will have Aiba stare it down as she makes various poses, such as the Gainax pose, dancing around, and lying on the floor. The two of them note that the eye is piercing, to which Aiba faints.
Close Curtain 12s ?
Attempting to close the curtain will have Aiba do as stated, to which the figure leaves, stomping on the ground. As it leaves, Date makes a remark in that he considers the eye "cute," to which Aiba call him insane. The green barrier falls back, and the two notice that Hitomi is seen just outside of it.
This action unlocks Mental Lock #3.
Pour Lemon Juice 36s ?
Attempting to pour lemon juice will have Aiba look for it around the house. She searches the living area, the fridge, and a cupboard. She continuously spins around in circles searching for it. Date notes that he usually gets a lemon when he orders karaage, and when Aiba exclaims that there are no lemons, he states that they should take a bite first before squeezing some lemon on the chicken. As Aiba exclaims that she wants lemons, she passes out at the sight of the eye. Once she wakes up, Date remembers that he could also order some lemon sour, which she states she might just order something different as well.
Knocking on Door A figure appears and knocks on the entrance of the building. Aiba wonders who could be at the door.
11 Green Points Shut Up 18s ?
Aiba proceeds to yell at the person to leave them alone, as their knocking is bothering everyone, suggesting that they go bang on drums instead. After the knocking dies down, Aiba faints on the spot, waking up soon after as the knocking resumes.
Ignore 120s ?
Attempting to ignore it will have Aiba collapse on the floor, fainting. As she wakes up, she notes her body feels heavy.
Open 12s ?
Declaring that she doesn't want to accept anything, Aiba opens the door to the guest. As she does so, she collapses and faints, the knocking continuing.
Lock 6s ?
Attempting to lock the door will have Aiba do as told, which will make the figure leave it alone. But suddenly, the figure of Rohan Kumakura appears through the door, as he takes aim at Falco's figure, standing in the center of the room, and shoots him. But suddenly, Hitomi jumps in front of the bullets and collapses on the floor, bleeding. Just before Falco can shoot Rohan, Boss appears through the door.
This action unlocks Mental Lock #4, awakening Inmate #89 from his dream!

Hidden Object[]

  • The Hidden Object appears at Mental Lock #4, once you've dealt with the Red Eye. Once you regain control of Aiba, head to the shelf next to Hitomi and Falco, behind the green barrier. The Object will be resting in the shelf within reach.


  • Inmate #89's Somnium, PSYNCIN' IN THE CURTaiN, is based on the Sagan Residence location, much like Kaname Date's Somnium, SINKIN' IN THE BRaiN. As such, the levels share various similarities, such as:
    • The Winter Iris, and the choices available with it.
    • The light switch covered in thorns, and the choices available with it.
    • The wine bottle on the table, and Aiba's insistence on getting drunk from it.
    • The floral lamp by the bookshelf, and the choices available with it.
    • The skull with the bleeding left eye socket, and the choices available with it.
    • The conclusion of the Somnium, where Inmate #89 is seen standing over the bleeding body of Hitomi Sagan.
  • When reading about Falco's past, Date compares him to Judge Dredd, a character from the comic book series 2000 AD. In this series, Judge Dredd is a law enforcement officer who acts as a "Street Judge," arresting criminals and even executing them for their crimes.
  • When first examining the Pot, Aiba states that a ninja turtle could jump out of the green slime, and various choices make reference to smelling like the liquid smells like a gutter. This is most likely all a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in which 4 turtles, after interacting with some green radioactive material in the sewers, gained sentience and trained in martial arts, becoming ninjas.
  • When Aiba drinks the green liquid in the pot:
    • Aiba collapses after drinking it, and Date yells out "Aiba? Aiba! Aiiiiiiiiiiibbbaaaaaaa!!!" This is most likely a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series, in which, if the player character is killed, the Game Over screen will have a character's voice scream out the protagonist's name in the same fashion.
    • Once she wakes up, Aiba states that the liquid tasted like "elephant" while smiling at Date. This interaction appears to be a continuation to a joke that occurs in the chapter Day 2: Saturday –saikAI–, where Aiba tells a joke in which an elephant is stored inside the Sagan Residence's refrigerator. The refrigerator next to the pot has its door wide open, with the contents inside being empty, implying that the pot with green liquid had just been removed from the refrigerator.
  • Wearing the Pot on Aiba's head will have her comment on how it increases her defense, a reference to wearable armor in RPG games and their defense-boost capabilities.
  • Throughout the Somnium, Date makes several references to his sexual stimulations to various actions that can be done. Most notable is when interacting with Hitomi, in which all 4 interactions with her results in some variance of a sensual/sexual response, such as an erection.
  • Hitomi is the only interactible object in the Somnium that does not contribute to proceeding to any Mental Locks, as it is the only object that is not green.


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