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"He's a
—A-set, talking about Renju Okiura in her video

Renju Okiura (沖浦 連珠, Okiura Renju) is a character featured in the Lemniscate YouTube series and in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

Renju Okiura is the father of Mizuki Okiura and ex-husband of Shoko Nadami. He is an old friend of Hitomi Sagan, as well as a recent friend of Kotaro Uchikoshi and Kaname Date. He's the president of Lemniscate and the owner of the maid café Sunfish Pocket, and is the producer for the net idol A-set. He produced the music video for "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" and also provided the music.

In November of 2019, Renju became a person of interest in the murder of his ex-wife and a key figure of the New Cyclops Serial Killings.


Renju has blond hair, black glasses with no top rim, and brown eyes. He wears a white jacket with a blue scarf underneath and a black undershirt with an open collar. His pants are white and he has a distinctive watch on his left wrist.


Because Renju is never actually met in-game outside of flashbacks, his personality is learned from how other people describe him and how he acts in flashbacks.

Renju is a serious and dedicated man. He is more focused on his work than his family but still shows great loyalty to his loved ones.


Early Life

Renju Okiura was born on April 13th, 1982, and was raised by his father, the owner of Okiura Fishery. The status of his mother is unknown.

Renju attended Eitoku High, where he met and befriended Manaka Iwai and Hitomi Sagan in 1999. The three would spend time at a coffee shop, play arcade games, and chat. During their time together, Renju and Manaka suggested to Hitomi that she should become a teacher.

Around the same time, Renju became involved with the Kumakura Family. He initially worked as part of a phone fraud scam but eventually befriended the higher-ups and accompanied them on jobs. They met with wealthy elderly people, convinced them to adopt the yakuza members, then drowned them to claim their money as inheritance. Renju had no part in the murders themselves, but the guilt stayed with him for years to come.

In early 2001, Manaka became pregnant as a result of her secret relationship with So Sejima. Despite Renju and Hitomi's best efforts to convince her to end their relationship, she did not. In early November, shortly after her baby was born, Manaka met with Renju and Hitomi at the Sagan Residence. She explained that So had contacted her for the first time in a while, fearing that his mistress's child would endanger his political career. She intended to meet him in person to speak with him, but Renju warned her not to go, fearing for her safety. Manaka insisted on going, so Renju gave her a GPS transmitter to hold onto in case anything happened.

While Renju and Hitomi waited for Manaka to return, they watched the transmitter's position. Eventually, it started moving further and further away from the city, so they decided to follow her. Before leaving, Renju entrusted Manaka's baby to a mob doctor he met through the Kumakuras. Eventually, the two reached the Okutama Mountains, where they found Rohan Kumakura and his men preparing to bury Manaka's body. They watched Rohan remove Manaka's right eye before burying her. After the Kumakuras left, Renju and Hitomi dug up her body. Renju suggested to keep Manaka's murder a secret, since he believed So and the Kumakuras did not know she had already given birth. If they found out, they would come after the baby, and the two of them as well.

Renju and Hitomi took Manaka's body to the Okiura Fishery Cold Storage Warehouse and placed her inside a forklift. Renju explained that his father owned the company, and while they were looking for buyers, Renju intended to continue managing the warehouse himself. He would keep everyone out, except for himself and Hitomi, and they could visit any time they wanted to see Manaka.

Renju later learned the truth of Manaka's murder from the Kumakuras. So had offered to pay for transport overseas, before his son Saito Sejima ran out of hiding and stabbed Manaka. He asked Rohan to dispose of the body so as not to ruin his career. Presumably at the same time he learned this, Renju also got a birth certificate from the mob doctor naming Hitomi as the baby's mother.

Renju met up with Hitomi at her house. He told her about the birth certificate, and explained everything he had learned about Manaka's murder. He vowed that the two of them would find an opportunity for revenge on the Sejimas and the Kumakuras. Hitomi also told him she decided to name the baby Iris. Hitomi felt she was betraying Manaka in a way by raising her child, but Renju assured her she would not worry about that for long, since raising a child would be a lot of work. He offered to help, occasionally.

In 2002, Renju's father passed away from an illness. Instead of inheriting Okiura Fishery, Renju gave the company to someone else. In exchange, he was able to manage the cold storage warehouse in secret, without his name attributed to it. He continued running the warehouse to preserve Manaka's body, and made sure no one other than himself or Hitomi had access.

Renju later married Shoko Nadami, and on July 6th, 2007, their daughter Mizuki Okiura was born. Mizuki lived with both of her parents growing up, but as Shoko became abusive towards Mizuki, Renju's relationship with her became strained. When finding a school for Mizuki, Renju wanted Hitomi to be her teacher, so he and Shoko moved so that Mizuki could attend the school Hitomi taught at.

In 2011, the three of them visited Bloom Park together. Renju took photos while Mizuki and Shoko rode the merry-go-round together, waving at him each time they passed by. The photos later turned out blurry when he tried to develop them, and Shoko laughed about them.

Renju eventually became the president of the production company Lemniscate. He also became the manager of the maid cafe Sunfish Pocket.

In 2014, Renju met and befriended Kaname Date. The two frequented the bar Marble together, where they would talk over drinks. On one occasion, Renju asked Date if he had ever seen a dead body. When Date turned the question on him, he talked about his involvement with the Kumakuras in high school. On another occasion, Date asked him what he could do about Shoko's abuse of Mizuki. Renju explained that Shoko refused counseling, and it was hard to separate Mizuki from her. He was unable to take care of her himself because he was too busy running his company. Date told him that both of them were terrible parents. Renju later suggested that Date take in Mizuki.

In 2015, Renju and Shoko were divorced. Date agreed to take care of Mizuki, though Renju was still her legal guardian. Renju would occasionally try to check in with her and spend time together.

Some time after the divorce, Renju started dating Futa Amanoma, who gave him a gold watch as an anniversary gift. When Date spilled beer on the watch one night at Marble, Renju started yelling at him.

Renju eventually discovered Iris Sagan's talent for dancing and helped start her idol career at Lemniscate. Around August 2019, Renju told Iris she relied too much on her dancing talent, so she needed to quit dancing and focus on her singing.

About a month before the game's events, Renju was crying in his office. Unbeknownst to him, Mizuki had seen him, and she followed him by taxi as he went to the cold storage warehouse. There, he opened the forklift containing Manaka's body, stared at it for some time, covered it back up, and left.

New Cyclops Serial Killings

On Friday, November 1st, 2019, around 4:00 PM, Saito Sejima (in Shoko Nadami's body) called Renju to the abandoned Kabasaki Chemical Plant. Saito put him to sleep, removed Shoko's left eye, and used the Prototype Psync Machine to swap bodies. After the Psync, Saito (now in Renju's body) used an ice pick to stab Renju (in Shoko's body) to death. The body was later taken to Bloom Park to be put on display and start the investigation of the New Cyclops Serial Killings.

In the ARG

While drinking one day, Renju met and befriended Kotaro Uchikoshi. Some time after, Renju found a video of Iris Sagan dancing and decided to recruit her into Lemniscate, turning her into the idol A-set. He later showed Iris to Uchikoshi, who latter decided to produce for her along with Spike Chunsoft's help. Together, they created the English and Japaneseonline channels for Lemniscate, and Renju produced her first music video, "Invincible Rainbow Arrow."[4]


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  • Renju (連珠) is short for "renjukei" (連珠形), meaning "lemniscate."
  • Both kanji in Okiura (沖浦) refer to bodies of water.
  • Okiura also sounds similar to the English word "ocular."


  • Despite being deceased throughout the entirety of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, Renju is currently the only confirmed character to be deceased in the Game Continuity and presently alive in the ARG Continuity. This was confirmed on Renju's 38th birthday, April 13th 2020, when Aseton mentioned getting a gift for Renju, 5 months after Renju's chronological death.[2]
  • Renju is one of the few confirmed LGBT+ characters in the game, along with Mama and Futa "Pewter" Amanoma. Renju's lover was Pewter, and it is implied by Date that Renju hired Ritsuko Enshu as his receptionist because of her sex appeal. This, along with his past marriage to Shoko Nadami, makes it likely that he is either bi- or pansexual.
    • As suggested by the Lead Editor of the localization, Alex Flagg, it is possible that Renju married Shoko out of convenience, maintaining the status of a rich and powerful man with a wife and daughter.[5]
    • According to Kotaro Uchikoshi, the possibility exists for Manaka Iwai to be Renju's first love (presumably to account for his emotional state around her body), but leaves it to the audience's imagination to whether this is correct or not.[6]
  • The painting of Saint Sebastian that Renju gave as a gift to Mama at Marble is a reference to the fact that they are both members of the LGBT+ community, as Saint Sebastian has been appropriated as a representation of the LGBT+ community. The Saint Sebastian imagery may also suggest that Renju is of Christian faith, specifically either Roman Catholic or Orthodox Catholic.[7][8]
  • In a fan-made Character Poll for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES held on Twitter, Renju Okiura came in 17th place.[9]
  • Renju's family contains a special hereditary gene that is possessed by his grandfather and his daughter, which gives them superhuman strength. However, Renju is never seen possessing the traits to these genes. In the Japanese version of the Famitsu Interview with Kotaro Uchikoshi and Akira Okada, the two of them stated that the superhuman gene is bi-generational, meaning that the gene skips a generation as it is passed down, skipping over Renju.[10]
  • According to Akira Okada, Renju's early designs had him with brown stretched hair and with a beard, looked "too wild-looking" (translation) and was changed. He notes that the early design gives off a different impression of Renju than the presently used design.[11]
  • When asked if a parallel world where Renju and Pewter "get their happy ending together" would ever be shown, Kotaro Uchikoshi stated that it could be possible if the fans demanded it.[12] He also encouraged fans to create their own fantasy version of this parallel world, specifically praising a parallel world where they lived a domestic life, making morning coffee, waking up with messy hair, and in which Renju is "a bottom."[13]
  • In the original Character Setting notes written by Uchikoshi, Renju's notes stated that "Okiura has a pathological habit to changes socks every hour" (translation). Akira Okada wonders if these settings are still the same.[11]


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