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Rohan Kumakura (熊倉 狼範, Kumakura Rōhan) is a character in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

Rohan was the former leader of the Kumakura Family, known for his horrific torture technique of peeling his victim's skin from toe to thigh. He was arrested and hospitalized in 2013, following a breaking-and-entering case. In 2018, his body was found after jumping from the roof of a building.






Rohan Kumakura (熊倉 狼範, Kumakura Rōhan) is the secondary antagonist in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

Rohan was the former leader of the Kumakura Family, known for his horrific torture technique of peeling his victim's skin from toe to thigh. He formed one half of the duo publicly known as the Cyclops Serial Killer, along with Saito Sejima. In November 2013, he swapped bodies with Detective Hayato Yagyu, and was later arrested for Yagyu's crimes as an assassin. For the next 6 years, he was known as Inmate #89 as a prisoner in Fuchu Prison.

Early Life: Ujisaki Turf War[]

Rohan Kumakura was born on January 18th, 1965. He developed left-handedness thanks to his brain's superior right hemisphere. Six years later, in 1971, his younger brother Moma Kumakura was born. During the late 1990s, when Rohan was in his 30s, the pair joined the Ujisaki Family as new members of the yakuza gang. The two brothers were stationed in a building in the Minato District, an office space allocated for the Ujisaki Family.[2]

In 1999, the Ujisaki Family became involved in a turf war against a rival gang in the Tokyo area. One day, a thug from the rival gang walked into the office building with a metal bat and attacked the members of the Ujisaki Family there. Among them was Rohan, who took a severe blow to the left side of his head. Because of Rohan's superior right hemisphere, the damage to his left hemisphere affected his spatial cognitive ability and left him suffering from hemispatial neglect. His vision from his right side began to suffer, and he could only register objects, such as food and drawings, from the left side.[2]

The injury also changed Rohan's personality, causing him to become ruthless and cold-blooded. Not long after the injury, Rohan's division of yakuza men captured several street bosses from the Ujisaki Family's rival gang. Rohan tortured street bosses himself, taking a potato peeler and peeling off their skin from their toe to their thigh, much to Moma and the others' surprise. As Rohan became more ruthless in his methods, he quickly climbed the hierarchy of the Ujisaki Family, eventually becoming a top executive at the family. The chairman of the Ujisaki Family took a liking to Rohan, and, within the two years after his injury, Rohan was given his very own gang under the Ujisaki Family's jurisdiction. Rohan became the chairman of the Kumakura Family.[2]

Starting Off the Kumakuras[]

The Kumakura Family was founded between 1999 and 2001 (most likely in 2000[3]), with Rohan Kumakura as the chairman and with Moma Kumakura as the second-in-command. Their small Ujisaki-designated office space was turned into the Kumakura Office, their headquarters for their subsidiary group. Their early members included "X" and Dokuta Yogano. Dokuta served as the family's resident mob doctor, while X worked with Moma running a phone fraud scam. X eventually employed Renju Okiura while the latter was still in high school. Renju would help with money collection, and eventually came along for X's insurance scams. Shortly after founding the Kumakuras, Rohan established a business relationship with So Sejima. As a politician, Sejima would ask the Kumakuras to handle anything illegal.

The Manaka Iwai Incident[]

One night in late October or early November of 2001, So Sejima contacted the Kumakuras about an urgent matter that needed to be cleaned up: his son, Saito Sejima, had just murdered his mistress, Manaka Iwai, at the Harbor Warehouse District. So asked Rohan to dispose of the body and any evidence of the murder, while he and his son left the crime scene alone, and so Rohan took with him a street thug and a brand new initiate to pick up Manaka's body and clean the crime scene. Rohan and co. took Manaka's body to the Okutama Mountains in the westernmost town within Tokyo Metropolis, where they prepared to dispose of her body in a makeshift grave within the forest area. However, just before they buried the body, Rohan became infatuated with Manaka's right eye, an affection created from his Hemispatial Neglect, believing the right side of Manaka's face to be truly beautiful. He ripped Manaka's eye out, and kept it as a trophy, while the other two buried the body in the dirt.

Within the next few days, Renju began asking around the members of the gang about what had occurred, and they told Renju some of the details of the murder. Unbeknownst to Rohan and the others, Renju had witnessed Rohan bury the body and take her eye out, and Renju, with help from Dokuta, had safely delivered Manaka's baby before the murder. The two kept this fact secret while Rohan continued his reign of power as the head of the Kumakuras. Rohan started gaining an unhealthy obsession with the right eyes of dead women, as his Hemispatial Neglect began to grow worse and worse.

Growth of the Kumakuras[]

Over the years, the Kumakuras began to slowly grow in power across central Tokyo, being recognized and distinguished by the Metropolitan Police Department. Rohan slowly started indulging in finding the right eyeballs of dead women in secret, but the ability to obtain a woman's body became increasingly difficult for Rohan over the years, as Yakuza honor civilian lives without unwanted bloodshed, and the criminal lifestyle was generally more suited for men than for women.

After some time, Renju Okiura left the Kumakura Family on his own terms, although he kept in contact with various people inside the group, such as Moma. With one man down came another man in, as a brand new teenage initiate was taken in to the family near the early 2010s: Chinpei Wagai, who joined around the time he would be in high school.

Over the years, Rohan and the other members of the Kumakura Family also began developing their own real-estate companies known under the collective name Kumakura Estates Association, acting as yakuza fronts while they dealt in the real-estate business. In 2011, So Sejima, Saito Sejima, and Rohan planned and executed their plan for the Chemical Plant Explosion, selling 30 billion yen worth of territory in the Kabasaki District, blowing up the Kabasaki Chemical Plant and destroying the district, and then repurchasing the territory back for the now dropped price of 1 billion yen. Soon after, the Kumakura Estates companies began purchasing their own territory within the Kabasaki District, holding it as valuable territory as So Sejima began planning for his Casino Town Kabasaki plan.

It is implied that the group's insurance scam continued onward without Renju's involvement, with X taking initiative and being pursued by the police for his crimes. It is also implied that X was once arrested for these scams, but without much evidence pointing at him, he was eventually released or acquitted of his crimes. However, after the turn for the 2010s, X was targeted and killed by the vigilante detective Hayato Yagyu, for his crimes in the insurance scams. Rohan ordered his men to find and kidnap Hayato for killing one of their biggest executives in the family, who was ultimately strapped down and held at the Chemical Plant. After doing some research into Hayato's past kills, Rohan approached him, with Dokuta and Chinpei in tow, and forced the detective to work under him as an assassin. He gave Hayato the codename "Falco," and Rohan gave him various assignments over time to kill innocent targets that were in conflict with the Kumakura Family.

Cyclops Serial Killings[]


Fuchu Prison[]


Murder of Shoko Nadami[]


A: New Cyclops Serial Killings[]


AB: The Story of a Lonely Assassin[]


B: Escape and Death[]



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  • Rohan is the only known character who is left-handed. While he most likely developed this due to his dominant right-hemisphere brain, he has actually retained this skill through Parasitism, as he can be seen holding a gun in his left hand during flashbacks inside Hayato Yagyu's body.[4][5]


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  1. Rohan Kumakura's age is listed as 53 in his character FILE in the game itself. However, this same profile file is unlocked early in the game and describes him as "Deceased" since 2018, and it's not revealed until late game that he has actually been alive this whole time. As such, his age at 53 reflects his predicted "deceased" age from 2018, rather than his current 2019 age.
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