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The Sunaiku Foundation (砂育財団, Sunaiku Zaidan), stylized SUNAIKU FOUNDATION, is an organization featured as part of Hidden Bats, released in promotion of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative.

Founded on October 28, 1943, the Sunaiku Foundation is an organization that "[collects] and disclose pertinent information regarding missing persons and aid in search and rescue efforts." The organization opened a brand new website in 2022, where they announced Kagura Iwato's appointment as president. In April, the organization's Missing Persons Task Force was able to rescue an individual named "A", but soon after Iwato was reported missing themself.




  • President: Kagura Iwato (岩戸 神楽)
  • Chairman of the Board: Hasumi Kisaragi (如月 蓮見)
  • Vice President: Hatsushi Kusama (草間 八志)
  • Director: Nikai Kuon (二階 句音)
  • Branch Director: Polly B. Mary


We want to eliminate the tragedy of disappearances. We want to erase the sorrow caused by disappearances. We want to eradicate the misfortune of disappearances completely from this world. We at the Sunaiku Foundation are committed to being a beacon of light for those who are lost and those who have lost others. We are engaged day and night in search and support to bring missing persons cases to their resolutions.





  • Taking the katakana used for the name Sunaiku (スナイク) and moving ス (su) to the end makes the name ナイクス (Naikusu), the Japanese shortened name for NAIX, also known as NAIXATLOZ (ナイカトロッズ, Naikatorozzu). This suggests that the Sunaiku Foundation could be connected to NAIXATLOZ in some capacity.
  • The Sunaiku Foundation seems to be connected or alluding to different urban legends:
    • The date in which Sunaiku Foundation was founded, October 28th 1943, is the same date as the alleged paranormal event called the "Philadelphia Experiment" occurred.[1] The branch office for the Sunaiku Foundation is located at Philadelphia.
    • It's possible that the name of Sunaiku's chairman, Hasumi Kisaragi, is a reference to Kisaragi station, an urban legend originating on 2ch about a poster, Hasumi, getting off the train at the mysterious Kisaragi station. The story ends with Hasumi essentially disappearing after a message that their phone is nearly dead.[2]
    • It's possible that the name of the Branch Director, Polly B. Mary, is a reference to the Polybius urban legend. In this legend, an alleged arcade game called Polybius was used as a sociology experiment in the 1980s by a secret government organization studying psychedelics and brainwashing.[3]


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