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Good evening, good morning, and hello!

I'll have the omelet rice, please! I'm reporting from Matsushita Diner, where they have THE BEST, perfectly-balanced, gastronomically PERFECT omelet rice! It makes my stomach rumble and my mouth water!


"Tesa's Matsushita Diner Review! Omelet Rice Edition!" is one/some of A-set's videos released on her Lemniscate channels. It's considered the 4th video in the series, and the 5th video overall.

The video in Japanese is titled 【食レポ】ロからヒヨコが生まれるオムライス特集 (【[Shoku repo] Ro kara hiyoko ga umareru omuraisu tokushū) and in Chinese it is 【食記】美味到從嘴裡孵出小雞的蛋包飯特集 ([Shí jì] měiwèi dào cóng zuǐ lǐ fū chū xiǎo jī de dàn bāofàn tèjí).


The video opens with A-set hanging out at the Matsushita Diner, which is Ota's home. She informs the viewers that Ota and Mizuki are out shopping for snacks at a convenience store, and that A-set decided to record her weekly video while they were gone. She laments at not being able to introduce Mizuki to her audience while she's out.

A-set declaring Mizuki as her Best Fighter Friend

A-set then proceeds to talk more about Mizuki, who she describes as being her "Super Ultra Mega Best Friend Forever". Iris and Mizuki spend their time eating together and doing sleepovers with each other. They bonded together from their mutual lack of a parent-figure, with Mizuki not having a mom at home and Iris missing her dad, and they support each other when they feel lonely without them. A-set informs us of Mizuki's training in martial arts, courtesy of the latter's roommate, and how she's now very strong. In A-set's imagination, Mizuki can beat a whole mountain of people with her training and strength, and she refers to her as a BFF (Best Fighter Friend).

The conversation jumps to the Diner, specifically how it's run by Mayumi Matsushita, Ota's mother, and how her omelet rice that she makes is amazing, recommending to her viewers to visit the Diner to eat. A-set wants to invite Mayumi to one of her concerts along with Ota, but she's suspicious that Mayumi doesn't actually like her, specifically that Mayumi thinks of her as a witch. After playing around with the idea of "Tesa the Witch", a time-lapse is shown of someone (presumably Mayumi) making an omelet rice with a ketchup design of an ankh on top. A-set compares the quality of Ota's omelet rice to Mayumi's omelet rice, saying the former is pretty good while the latter is so amazing that "it feels like the eggs are gonna hatch in my mouth!"

A-set's mouth after eating some delicious omelet

From there, A-set brings up NAIXATLOZ again, after introducing it last video. She spells out the name of the organization, as well as bring up its shortened nickname, NAIX. She continues on about how it's a secret society involved in governments and businesses. She says they control "the government and army", and various major businesses and banks, holding a great amount of money and power, seeking out anything that they desire. One theory A-set proposes is that NAIX is controlled by extraterrestrial aliens and that they work together to control the human race on Earth into believing that they all live within a simulAteq worlq or s0mething siɯilar//!!{-∆π\v!@--- J u s t k i d d i n g !>>>I'M ɯɐʞᴉuƃ ᴉʇ all_up>> #####You#WILL#stop#this#foolishness.####This##is##your####final##warning.####

__@nd juSt when she's gonna explain more, Ota and Mizuki arrive from shopping prompting her to end the video. She concludes by giving her usual outro for the end of her videos.

New Information Learned

  • Ota's home also doubles as a diner called Matsushita Diner.
  • Ota and Mizuki are friends with each other.
  • Mizuki and Iris's friendship is expanded more.
  • Mizuki does not have a mother at home while Iris is missing a father.
  • Mizuki's roommate is teaching her martial arts.
  • Mizuki is very strong, extremely so according to Iris's imagination.
  • Tesa the Witch!!

    Ota's mother is Mayumi Matsushita, and she runs the Matsushita Diner.
  • Iris holds (or at least plans to hold) concerts.
  • According to Iris, Mayumi doesn't seem to like her, thinking of her as a witch.
  • Mayumi makes delicious omelet rice, with a special ketchup design with an ankh.
  • Ota also makes omelet rice, but not as good as his mother's.
  • NAIXATLOZ allegedly controls governments and armies along with businesses and banks.
  • Rumors state that NAIX is run by aliens attempting to trick humans into believing they live inside a simulated world.
  • During the explanation of NAIXATLOZ, the video is distorted and corrupted, spliced in with an image of A-set's Lemniscate channel on YouTube as well as clips from three of her videos to form the sentences "Just kidding! I'm making it all up!" After this, text appears on screen giving out the message "You WILL stop this foolishness. This is your final warning."


Characters Featured

A-set standing at the Diner

Locations Featured


The three different videos for this episode are found below, in this order:

  • English version
  • Japanese version
  • Japanese version w/ Chinese subtitles

Tesa's Matsushita Diner Review! Omelet Rice Edition!






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