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Good evening, good morning, and hello! In today's video, I'm reporting from an abandoned amusement park! The fact that it's abandoned makes everything that much creepier! I thought it would be the perfect spot to tell you guys a spooky urban legend I heard...


"There's No Way This Trespassing Idol Can Be This Cute!" is one/some of A-set's videos released on her Lemniscate channels. It's considered the 3rd video in the series, and the 4th video overall.

The video in Japanese is titled 【都市伝説】廃遊園地に忍び込んできたよ! (【[Toshi densetsu】 Hai yuenchi ni shinobikonde kita yo!) and in Chinese it is 【都市傳說】偷偷潛入了廢棄的遊樂園裡唷! (【Dūshì chuánshuō】 Tōutōu qiánrùle fèiqì de yóu lèyuán lǐ yō!).


The video begins with A-set creeping along an abandoned amusement park before greeting her audience with a low whisper. She introduces the park and declares that she's trespassing on the premises, joking asking that she doesn't get banned for doing so.

A-set declaring her crime live on video footage

A-set begins talking about the park, which resides in the Kabasaki District. It was shut down and made off-limits 6 years prior to this video, after a chemical plant explosion occurred in the area. She begins worrying about her mother getting mad at her trespassing in the off-limits park. A-set then introduces her mom through a profile image, stating how she's been trying to get her to appear in the show. She then apologizes on camera to her mother, stating that her "curiosity got the better of me!"

After talking about her mother, A-set recollects an urban legend that her mother told her once. The story goes as follows:

Girl in the merry-go-round

Before the amusement park was shut down, a family came to spend the day at the park, chief among them their elementary school daughter, who was riding the merry-go-round. The girl had been given a cellphone with GPS, paired with her father's phone so the latter's alarm would go off if she ever went too far from them. As the girl was riding on the horses in the merry-go-round, her father was filming her on his phone. But the father became terrified as he realized that his daughter's face seemed to be mysteriously blurred out on the phone's screen. He waited for the ride to end, but as the ride went around the central column for the last time, the phone's GPS alarm suddenly went off, and as the ride came back into view, the horse's seat was completely empty, the girl nowhere to be seen. Both parents began panicking as they tried to find their daughter, however:

  • The GPS locator still indicated that the girl was still on the ride.
  • The phone could not be located.
  • The girl could also not be located.
  • All phone calls would fail, as if the phone was off.
  • The girl never responded to any text messages sent to her.
  • Just as the parents were about to give up, a mysterious text message was sent to them that said "Daddy? Mommy? I can't find my head."

A few years later, after the chemical explosion occurred and the park was shut down, workers began tearing down the rides. While digging right under the merry-go-round, the workers found the skull of an elementary school child. The rest of the body was never found, despite the workers digging around the ground looking for it.

A-set cowering in fear at her own story

After finishing the story, A-set began shivering from fear, and then started screaming, panicking all over the place and calling for her mom, stating how the story feels much scarier when told in the park, surrounded by creepy horses. A montage shot is followed where the different horse attractions from the merry-go-round (and a random panda) are shown scattered across the park, unattended. She states how she was thinking that the horses could be part of headless spirits, specifically dullahans, or perhaps it was linked to NAIXATLOZ.

A-set talking about NAIXATLOZ

A-set then begins talking about NAIXATLOZ, or NAIX as some call it. She says it's a devil worshiping devil cult that do ritual sacrifices, torture, and dancing at night around satanic bonfiЯɘS.\\ She also states that the cult's members are important pǝOplɘ, like pO1iɈiɔᴉaNs,, bnSiИeSsMƐn, andDD!h>']]|\!@Stop_this%broadcast \\\immediately&or#?suffer_the!{consequences\><!...s0 biϱ thɒt no one knows who their leaders are and who's running it.

After finishing her explanation, A-set starts to look worried as she begins to think she heard a noise nearby. With a worried tone to her voice, she begins doing her usual outro for her video, down to her regular quotes. After shaking a bit, she declares (without confidence) that she's absolutely not scared, and then begins walking towards the camera, turning it off and concluding the video.

The camera tuɿns 0n oNcǝ ɯoRe f0r ɒ seco–///.

New Information Learned[]

  • There's an Abandoned Amusement Park located in Kabasaki District
  • A Chemical Plant Explosion occurred in the Kabasaki District 6 years prior, prompting the park's closure
  • Iris lives with a mother
  • Her mother once told Iris an urban legend about a child who went missing in this park
  • The park has different horses from the merry-go-round attraction scattered and sticking up from the ground (along with a fake panda).

    Baphomet, the symbol of NAIXATLOZ

  • There's a so-called devil worshipping cult named NAIXATLOZ that allegedly has politicians and businessmen and conducts various criminal acts like torture and murders.
  • During Iris's explanation of NAIXATLOZ, the video became distorted and corrupted, and an unsigned To-Witter message appeared on screen stating "Stop this broadcast immediately or suffer the consequences."


Characters Featured[]

  • A-set
  • Iris Sagan's mother (image)

    Iris introducing her mother

  • Missing girl (mentioned)
  • Missing girl's parents (mentioned)

Locations Featured[]


The three different videos for this episode are found below, in this order:

  • English version
  • Japanese version
  • Japanese version w/ Chinese subtitles

There's No Way This Trespassing Idol Can Be This Cute!






  • This video, and other promotional pieces for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, mentions that the Chemical Plant Explosion and the closure of the Abandoned Amusement Park occurred "six years ago," suggesting it happened in 2013. However, in the game itself, the explosion actually occurred eight years ago, occurring in 2011 based on our timeline. It's unclear as to why this mistake was commonly used throughout the promotional material for the game.
  • The English title of this video is a reference to the popular light novel/anime series Oreimo, the full JP title translating to My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute.
  • After this video was uploaded, a tweet from A-set stated that the strange static imagery from the video was not seen at all during the editing process and once it was being uploaded.
  • This video's thumbnail features a strange black-and-white pattern on the right side of the image. Many have speculated that the pattern could perhaps be a binary code, but nothing noteworthy was ever found. It's currently believed it has no special meaning.
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